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Sat, Aug 01


Magnolia Blossom Ranch


We have filled all vendor needs for this event. Please check out our next event: Alpaca Farm Day on September 26, 2020 and register as a vendor now to secure your spot!

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Time & Location

Aug 01, 2020, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Magnolia Blossom Ranch, 2901 NW 16th St, Newcastle, OK 73065, USA

About The Event


FOOD/BEVERAGE VENDORS ONLY:  SEE VENDOR RULES AND AGREEMENT BELOW.  NO VENDOR FEE FOR THIS EVENT THIS YEAR (Fees for electricity will be negotiated if needed).  Only 3 food trucks and 3 wineries/beer vendors will be accepted unless we see indications that the attendance will be much higher than anticipated.  Only 1 vendor per food/beverage specialty will be accepted (ie, kettle corn, ice cream, snow cones, etc.)  Non-profit vendors may be accepted on a case-by-case request, ie, Scouts, school groups, etc, as a fundraiser activity.

Use the TICKET LINK to register as a vendor or ...

PM, email, call or text me for vendor booth info.


CELL: (405) 412-4845


Did you know that August 1st is National Alpaca Day in PERU?    They celebrate ALPACAS annually and we want to join them! This event is a rare opportunity for customers to enjoy FREE ALPACA INTERACTION  (Cups of feed can be purchased for $1 each).  The Ranch Gift Store will also be open!!    


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LIABILITY WAIVER REQUIRED as you enter the gate (can be printed from our website).  Also, when signing, you will be acknowledging the liability waiver and it's meaning.

Our Ranch is a member of the Oklahoma AgriTourism Program. WARNING:  Under Oklahoma law there is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity. (2 O.S. § 5-16) See Liability Waiver at this link:

SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOL: We will be following local social distancing recommendations. Attendees may elect to follow guidelines as preferred, but we still recommend 6’ distancing when possible.  Outdoor activities will be adequately separated so that it will be easier to practice social distancing guidelines.  Summer temperatures make it difficult for some to wear masks, but it is still recommended protocol to wear face masks when the 6’ distancing is impossible. Thanks so much!

By registering as a vendor at this event, the Vendor agrees to abide by all the following market rules and terms of Agreement.


1.  Only food and/or beverage vendors will be invited to this event.  This is subject to change for future annual events.

2.  All vendors serving consumable products are responsible for liability insurance and must provide proof of coverage (naming "Magnolia Blossom Ranch, LLC" and "Magnolias and Prayers: Everything Alpaca" as additional insured).  Vendors must comply with any and all requirements of the State of Oklahoma, including but not limited to, OTC sales tax requirements and health department requirements for food vendors.  Appropriate licenses/permits must be displayed or readily available and a COPY MUST BE PROVIDED TO THE EVENT COORDINATOR "BEFORE" THE EVENT.

3.  All products will be displayed and/or served in a clean and safe manner. 

4.  All vendors shall exhibit professional manners, always showing respect for the event hosts, other vendors, customers and Property occupants and neighbors.

5.  Tables, chairs, canopies, trash receptacles, hand a& surface sanitizer, etc, will be provided for customers.  

6 .  Spaces and booth location shall be negotiated and assigned by MBR.  Please respect space boundaries for neighboring vendors.

7.  Do not unlock/open any gates or enter any blocked areas on the Property without permission from Event Coordinator or Property owners.  We do not want our animals to get out of their pens.

8.  Applicable fees, if any, shall be paid no later than 1 week prior to the event date.  

9.  Any Vendor who does not comply with the terms of the Vendor Agreement/Rules, shows gross negligence, or whose conduct is deemed disorderly shall be asked to vacate the Property without a refund of the rental fee paid.

10.  All Vendors must remain set up and stay until closing at 9:00pm to assure an orderly exit from the property.  Any vendor who does not adhere to this rule may not be invited back to future events.

11. Vendors are responsible for leaving a clean area at closing.  This area is our alpaca pasture and we do not want anything left that might harm them.  Trash receptacles will be available.

This vendor agreement is made by and between Magnolias & Prayers: Everything Alpaca and Magnolia Blossom Ranch LLC (herein referred to as “MAP” or “MBR” respectively)  of 2901 NW 16th Street, Newcastle, Oklahoma  73065  (herein referred to as “Property” or “Farm”)  and the vendor shown on the Registration page of this event, (herein referred to as “Vendor”).

Whereas, Magnolias & Prayers: Everything Alpaca (an Oklahoma Partnership owned by MBR and Gail Stymerski dba Answered Prayers Alpaca Ranch) is the Organizer of the Alpaca Farm Days event held at the Property located at Magnolia Blossom Ranch LLC, owned by Terri and Kerry Bates, in Newcastle, OK.

Whereas, Vendor is engaged in the nature of business shown on the Registration page of this event.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed that:

PURPOSE.  MAP and MBR agree to provide Vendor space to conduct business at this event.  Vendor is limited to the space agreed upon prior to the event.  This agreement will begin on the date of this contract and will remain in effect until the time the event ends on the date of the event.  Vendor agrees to participate according to the reservation guidelines and abide by the Vendor rules set forth in this application and agreement.

DATE AND HOURS OF OPERATION.  This event shall be open on Saturday, August 1st, from 5:00pm until 9:00pm and Vendor will be allowed to start setting up at the event no earlier than 3:00pm on the day of the event.  Vendor shall remove all of his/her belongings, including but not limited to, canopies/tents, tables, products, etc, no earlier than 9:00pm and shall vacate the property no later than 10:00pm on the day of the event.  Exceptions can be granted, if necessary, to accommodate special set-up and/or take-down needs if arrangements are made in advance.

PAYMENT.  Vendor is provided with space on the Property in exchange for proper execution of this agreement (No vendor rental fee as outlined above, but fee for electricity, if requested,  to be paid BEFORE setting up at the event).  Space locations will be first come-first served and will be negotiated by MAP and the Vendor.  Any change in the rental price is subject to change with 30 days notice from MAP.  Accepted payment methods, if required, are cash, check made out to Magnolias & Prayers, or major credit card or debit card (through PayPal or through the MBR website registration).  There will be a returned check fee of $25 payable in cash or major credit card.

SALES TAX.  Vendor also agrees report the day’s total sales to the Organizer and to collect and pay the appropriate sales tax (Newcastle, OK 9%), if any, as required by law and agrees that MAP has informed the Vendor of their responsibility to do so.  OTC sales tax vendor forms will be provided.  Vendors who have an OTC sales permit number shall pay sales tax directly to OTC.  Those who do not have an OTC sales permit number shall provide sales tax collected to the Organizer in cash along with the completed forms.

REFUNDS.  If Vendor reserves space under this agreement and fails to show up, any fee paid is non-refundable, no exceptions.  This also applies n the case of inclement weather,.

APPEARANCE.  Vendor is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the space provided in an organized and neat manner, removing all trash around your space by 10:00pm on the day of the event.  Failure to do so will result in a $20.00 clean-up charge for Vendors who do not comply.

PARKING/FACILITIES.  Since there is a rental house on the property and private residential property on each side of Property, Vendor agrees to respect the privacy and parking areas of the tenant and neighbors.  Vendor Parking will be allowed in a designated area, not near the rental house nor in the area designated for public parking.  There is a restroom located in the farm store for vendor and public use during the event (porta-potties may also be provided).

ADVERTISING.  MBR agrees to provide advertising regarding information about the event which may include newspaper ads, flyers, social media, mailings, etc.  Vendor agrees that MBR has the right to determine the amount of advertising and to end it at their discretion.  Also, by accepting this Agreement, Vendor is giving permission to allow photos of their space and/or products to be used for advertising purposes.

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