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Alpaca Care

Alpacas are a different type of livestock and require specific care.  Please educate yourself before attempting to raise alpacas.  Here are some links to guide you along the way.


Alpaca Owners Association     

AOA is the predominant alpaca association in the United States and houses the U.S. Alpaca Registry (ARI).  You will find a host of information and articles regarding alpacas and camelids in general, including herd healthcare specifics.


Alpaca Research Foundation  


International Camelid Institute


FaceBook Chat Groups:           


These groups are great resources for on-the-spot questions about alpaca concerns and sometimes emergency guidance from experienced alpaca ranchers and even camelid veterinarians and experts.  Keep in mind, though, that sometimes you must weed through some of the chit-chat to get to the meat of the guidance you are offered…remember it is a “chat” group.  However, we have received some excellent guidance from some of these folks.  Some of the topics discussed in these groups may be a little scary for the novice alpaca owner, but remember that these topics “need” to be discussed because they “do” happen…just “not everyday and not experienced by everyone”.  But it is all good information in case one of these issues does happen to your alpacas.

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